[S1 E14]: The Dakota Williams Show with Tyler Newman

Voiceover: Live from Twitter, It’s the Dakota Williams Show.

Music plays as the intro is shown

Voiceover: Now heeeeeere’s Dakota!

We see the doors open and Dakota walks out onto the studio stage and starts to dance around as the audience claps

Dakota: Thank you for watching our show. Please welcome our fabulous studio audience. How you doin’

The audience responds: How you doin’

Dakota: I’m doing okay, let’s get started, it’s time for hot topics

Fun music plays as Dakota walks over to her chair and the audience oohs and claps

Dakota: So I want to, uh, address something that happened yesterday. *laughs* I was walking out of my apartment the other day and um, I wasn’t really, you know, glammed up. And guess who was out there

Norman laughs

Dakota: Don’t laugh at me Norman! Well, the paparazzi was out and they took a horrifying, HORRIFYING, picture of me. Take a look, or don’t

Norman: *laughing* But why did you wave?

Dakota: Because I was trying to be nice! They were taking pics so I waved. But I looked horrrible. Anyway, the lesson from this, a girl doesn’t have glam all the time and that’s okay.

Audience claps

Dakota: So do you guys all watch the Ladies of Twitter Cocktail Hour

Most of the audience claps

Dakota: Well if you aren’t you should be, it’s such a good talk show hosted by Tyler Newman, who we’ll be chatting with later.

Audience claps

Dakota: So episode that was released a couple nights ago was with Amal Hadid, and she had some things to say. She’s a friend this season, not full time. She revealed something shocking in my opinion. Amal said she was physcially assaulted while filming.

Audience gasps

Dakota: I mean we’ve seen many physical fights, look at, uh, Ren and Lorelei from Beverly Beach who really got into in. Mhm mhm, we don’t really know the extent of what happened, but stay tuned.

Audience applauds

Dakota: But also Norman, she doesn’t come into the season until later into it, right?

Norman: Yea that’s right, she doesn’t initially join the ladies.

Dakota: Okay, okaya. Well I’m interested to see what she’s like because from the interview she seemed like a firecracker. Also, during the interview they played a game, and Amal said some unkind things about Friend of the show Kathy Irvine.

Audience oohs

Dakota: She called Kathy, sad, pathetic, diabolical, and well passed her prime. She also said that Kathy sells low grade leather bags at her thrift shop. So I’m sure we see some feuding back and forth with that. Could Kathy be the one who physically assaulted Amal? We’ll have to wait and see.

Audience claps

Dakota: After the episode was released though, Amal sent out an apology for her comments about Kathy. She said they were how she felt at the time and wants to move forward with Kathy. So, I thought that was good that she did that if she wants to create a friendship with Kathy.

Audience applauds

Dakota: She did specifically say though that she does not apologize for what she said about Rose, she said somehting like she fades into the background and has stinky breath. If I were Rose, I’d laugh at the stinky breath part, that girl’s an actress how is she going to have stinky breath *laughs* She wouldn’t be an actress if she did.

Audience laughs

Dakota: Anyway, the Ladies of Twitter will be released July 2nd, which is this Friday. Man is this summer flying by fast!

Audience claps

Dakota: The Real Housewives of Kensington released their cast photo, or cast header, I don’t know for sure but they released this…

Dakota: So you’ve got Evie, Darcy, Trina, Siobhan, and Arabella. Which is a pretty good cast in my opnion. As well as, Emil and Scarlett as friends. Speaking of Emil, she posted this after the cast picture was revealed

Dakota: She put red, uh, streaks through Darcy and Evie. Now I think we’ll see a feud between Darcy and Emil, and maybe something between Evie and Emil because they went through a big twitter chain of shade.

Audience claps

Dakota: The Kensington Housewives will be back on our screens July 9th. That’s coming up pretty soon, can’t wait.

Audience cheers

Dakota: When we come back, we have an awesome guest. Don’t miss it.

Dakota: Please welcome my guest for today’s show, the OG of LoT and the host of Ladies of Twitter Cocktail Hour, Tyler Newman

Tyler: *walks out and joins Dakota* Hi Dakota, thanks for having me!

Dakota: Hey Tyler, it’s great to finally meet you. How’s it going?

Tyler: It’s great to meet you too! It’s going well, I somehow manage to stay busy 24/7. *laughs*

Dakota: *laughs* Well you must be very busy with your new show Ladies of Twitter Cocktail Hour, can you explain what it’s all about to our audience?

Tyler: I’d love to! Ladies of Twitter: Cocktail Hour is a fun little garden hangout where I get all the scoop on the new season of Ladies of Twitter from the Ladies themselves. Every episode, I have a new bartender on with a cocktail crafted for the day, and we just dish. It’s like me inviting a girlfriend to gossip about her life, just with a couple of cameras. *laughs*

Audience claps

Dakota: Well, I absolutely love the show, it’s fun and light. Nothing too heavy, just some shade and gossip. And sexy bartenders *smirks*

Tyler: You know it! *laughs* We love a sexy bartender over a Cocktail Hour. Just don’t tell my husband. *winks*

Dakota: I certainly won’t *laughs* So how is your personal life? You’re married, do you have any kids?

Tyler: I have a wonderful husband, Zack. We’ve been married for about 7 years. He’s the love and light of my life. And then I have four wonderful daughters. Two are now in college, one is a junior in high school, and my baby is in junior high now! It’s hard to believe, my baby was born on the small screens, and now junior high? They’re all from my first husband, Adam.

Dakota: Wow! It’s amazing how they grow so fast, and especially in front of the cameras. So, uh, What were your first impressions of Luciana, Rose, Amal, and Grace on the show?

Tyler: They were all a lot of fun. Luciana is very witty, even with several cocktails. Rose, I was dying laughing, I had so much fun. I think she should add a comedian to her extensive resume. I found Amal very feisty and blunt. She certainly didn’t hold her opinions back. And Grace was very zany and seemed to have so much going on.

Dakota: Okay nice, what did you think about the whole murder situation with, uh, Luciana? Was that surprising to hear?

Tyler: Very surprising honestly. I have so many more questions for her, and honestly all of them, after every interview I do. One person says this, and another that, it seems like a very entertaining and messy season.

Dakota: Yea, I’m excited to get to talk to them soon about the new season. So do you know anybody else other than Luciana, Rose, and Amal?

Tyler: I’ve actually sat down with all six of them. They’re very entertaining women. I sat down with the Five Ladies and Friend for interviews doing Cocktail Hour.

Dakota: Oh okaya, so you’ve heard a little bit more about the season than us. What can you tell us?

Tyler: Spill the tea? *laughs* Well, from what I can tell, these women all have BIG personalities. But in these interviews, they did not hold back. I heard about cheating rumors, the alleged murder that you mentioned. It seems like several of them have “scandals” throughout the season within the group.

Dakota: Hmm…interesting. I can’t wait to see it, I’m interviewing the whole cast soon, any advice?

Tyler: All together? In one room? *eyes widen* My advice would be to remove sharp objects from the building. *laughs*

Dakota: *laughs* Noted! What do you, uh, miss the most about being on the show?

Tyler: Honestly, nothing. *laughs* The show was wonderful, don’t get me wrong, and I loved every minute. But I’m loving my life right now. It’s peaceful being away from the cameras. It was eleven seasons I did, that’s a long run. I’m not saying I would never return, but right now, I’m very happy with my life.

Dakota: That’s understandable, are you in contact with any of your former cast members?

Tyler: I talk to *pauses and counts* probably about five of them pretty regularly.

Dakota: Okay Tyler, well thank you for coming on the show!

Tyler: Thanks for having me, Dakota!

Dakota: Thank you all for tuning in. Make sure to catch the Ladies of Twitter: Cocktail Hour with Tyler. We’ll see ya all tomorrow

Camera fades from the studio

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